Photography Tips and Tricks A Little Something to Help Your Creativity

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When-memory-fade-like-the-life-of-autumn-leafWith the widespread of social media mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, photography has seen a huge increase in popularity. People are taking pictures with anything ranging from mobile phones to tablets and professional DSLR cameras and using all sorts of editing instruments ranging from Photoshop to their favorite online photo editor.

However, not all photos turn out how you may have expected them from a first try. Generally because it is easy to make a mistake when taking a picture, especially if your device is not of the professional kind. Here are a few tips and tricks that you need to take into account when taking a photo.

Creativity is your friend

First of all, framing is very important. When taking a photo of anything from landscapes to people, make sure you frame it properly. Take a few seconds or even minutes to remove anything that shouldn’t be in the end product such as articles of clothing, waste baskets and so on. If you can’t remove the undesired object remember that in the end,


5 Tips On How To Take Great Water Photos

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c_blurmediaphotography_jp_danko_dwn2873There are many water forms that you can use to make great photos. Some of these forms include: breaking waves and cascading waterfalls. For you to create take awesome water photos you need to put a number of tips into consideration. These tips include:

Freeze Water

There is no way you will take great photos if you don’t freeze the water. One of the most effective ways of doing this is using a very fast shutter speed. This calls for you to set your camera to its fastest shutter speed.

Be Cautious When Shooting Large Waves

Waves are great when you shoot them properly. You should note that the larger the wave, the more dramatic it is. To take excellent photos you should use a lens with a long focal length. You should also remember to keep your distance when taking the photos.

Use Reflection To Your Advantages

Water has a great reflective quality; therefore, you should take advantage of it. For ideal results you should shoot in more than one direction while paying a lot


Top 8 Photography Tips for Beginners

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4Let’s be honest, everyone loves a well-taken picture. Be it landscapes, abstract, fashion or any other object, images transcend a feeling that few things can achieve. We all admire stunning pictures but have you wondered the work that goes behind it? Make no mistake; photography is by no means an easy feat. There are people who have been practicing it for years and still haven’t mastered it.

Starting out is the biggest obstacle in every creative field. If you can overcome it, you can achieve great things. For aspiring photographers out there, this article can be greatly influential.

So let’s discuss what tips beginners need to click stunning images:-

• Fill the frame: Far, distant subjects in an image don’t appeal to anyone. If you are capturing a subject, try to fill the frame with it. People will interpret it much better.

• Be quick: Suppose you are capturing a bird sitting on your porch; the bird won’t sit there all day posing and waiting for you to set up your camera. You have to be


Photo Editing Tips

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Who likes bad looking photos? If you have taken a photo that you feel to be bad you don’t have to worry as you can easily edit and give it a perfect look. To help you out here are some of the tips that you should put into consideration when doing the editing:


Does your photo look like it was taken by a drunk person? You should straighten it using the ruler tool. One of the best programs to use is Photoshop. You should click and hold the eyedropper tool and select the ruler tool from the drop-down menu.

Lightening the Image

You should remove the sad underexposure on the photo by adjusting the contrast. If you are using Photoshop software you can easily adjust the contrast by using the levels adjustment tool. Using the tool you can easily adjust the lights, darks, and mid-tones to give your photo the look that you have always desired.


It’s common for raw photos to have the wrong color. This results when you use unnatural, incandescent lighting when taking the photos. To give your photos a perfect look you should aim at fixing


5 Quick and Easy Tips on How to Take an Awesome Selfie

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With the release of Kim Kardashian’s new book “Selfish” dedicated exclusively to her selfies, it’s clear to see that the selfie trend is here to stay! Who wouldn’t like selfies – it’s like a mini photo shoot where you’re the model, photographer, lighting director, makeup artist and stylist! Whether you’re posting selfies to show off your amazing makeup or your outfit of the day, here are some tips that are sure to have your Instagram followers double tapping and your Facebook friends pressing the like button.

1) Make sure the light is right! Lighting is one of the most important factors when trying to take a flawless selfie. Make sure the lighting doesn’t cast shadows (as this can draw attention to unwanted areas and make facial features appear larger, such as the nose) and try to avoid fluorescent lighting, as this type of lighting is universally unflattering and can make the skin look pale and lifeless. The best type of lighting to use is natural light, if possible!

2) Know your angles! It may take time and some experimenting at first to find your best angles, but it will be worth it! Try different poses and


Must Learn Tips For Professional Photography

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No matter if nature is your love or you like capturing the simplest and most trivial things of everyday life, the way you take pictures adds to the beauty and makes the moments eternal. You could only make a good moment a cherished memory when you know the right ways of capturing the moment.

Everyone can click the button and capture a shot; however, capturing the essence of the moment is not something, which everyone can do. The importance of knowing the right way of capturing a moment is imperative whether you have a simple camera or you have the quality video camera has to offer to its tourists. The lines below give simple tips on how you can take photos like a professional photographer.

Don’t Rely on The Display:

Another habitual thing with all the amateur photographer is that they see the display of the shot on the camera’s LCD as soon as they take a picture and base their ranking of shot on that, however, the LCD should not be relied upon, especially when you are shooting outdoors. When you are outdoors, there is too much light and the LCD might not display


Optimum Settings for the Perfect Photograph

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Cameras are more and more complicated and we are tempted to play with all the buttons. But sometimes less is more or at least there are a few basic rules we should try to stick to in order to get the best images possible. In this article we have selected a few tips that we suggest you follow to optimize your camera (and time!).

Choose the Aperture priority mode:
No need to change all the time the exposure mode. We recommend that you choose the Aperture Priority Auto (or A) and that you stick to it. In this configuration you choose the aperture and the camera selects automatically the appropriate shutter speed. You can play with depth of field while adjusting aperture. As a reminder, small aperture (high f numbers, like f/36) increase depth of field meaning the subjects in the background and in the foreground are in focus. If you want to focus on a specific subject and want the rest to be blurry choose a small number, the smaller the better depending on your equipment.

Choose Auto ISO or stay at 400
ISO sensitivity is the digital equivalent of film speed. The higher the

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Awesome Newborn Photography Ideas

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1. Baskets and boxes

Babies love having fun. They love play. Two things both of us would agree on is that babies love playing with baskets and boxes. Its soo cute when a baby is playing with the baskets and boxes, my advice to you is CAPTURE those moments.

Tip: Always keep in mind that safety comes first.

2. Wooden letters

Decorative wooden letters are awesome props that can be used during newborn photography. Not only do the wooden letters props look cute but they also symbolise knowledge. Just capture the moments as the newborn babies try to play to support themselves with the wooden letters. Soo cute. A moment you should capture.

Tip: You can also try using plastic letters. They can easily be found and can be of different colours

3. Fun painted furniture

This is pretty obvious though. Fun painted furniture not only increase the colour in the picture but also induces a smile on the baby. Such kind of furniture is also an awesome prop when it comes to other types of photography

Tip: Always try to be as close as possible to the child to

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Digital Photography Vs Print Photography Which Is Better?

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Often, it is heard that digital photography is better over print photography. Digital photography i.e. the advancement in photography is believed to be a far different concept than print photography. Nevertheless, the former has turned out to be a wonderful complement to the latter. It is akin to evolution of music cassettes into digital media players. While the traditional photography has its own features and benefits, the digital one comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Print Photography

Print photography indicates the analog photography method, which in simple words, means using SLR cameras to take pictures. These cameras use film for producing photographs, which later get printed in analog with the help of a chemical process. Also, these are economical when compared to a digital camera of the same worth. Film rolls, however, may come out as costly.

With greater film capacity, analog cameras have light that covers a greater area as compared to that covered in digital ones.

The one drawback of an analog camera is that people need to get familiar with the settings of the camera before using it. During the developing process, you need to keep an eye

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3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Waterproof Digital Camera

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Are you planning on buying a waterproof digital camera? There are three major things that you should consider: features, budget, size and weight.


There are many features that you should consider when making the purchase:

Housing: housing ensures that your camera is fully sealed thus water can’t get in. The type of housing varies from one camera model to the next. For example, a point and shoot camera has one housing while a DSLR camera has multiple housing options.

In addition to the housing, you also need to consider how easy it is to operate the camera. As rule of thumb you should ensure that you are able to perfectly use the controls when the housing is on.

Manual white balance: this feature is important when you are planning of shooting without strobes. Due to the water properties, images that you take using natural light will appear blue. To remove the color cast you should go for a camera with a manual white balance.

Lenses: lenses are important when taking wide angle or closer macro images. If you are using point and shoot camera you should go a housing that will

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9 Kinds of Photography and How You Can Master Them

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Photography has long been a favorite hobby of most of us while growing up. In our adolescence years, we have always been fascinated by a camera. The innovative idea of capturing an image seemed new back then but with time, photography have come leaps and bounds forward.

A few decades ago, the only instrument people knew which was capable of clicking pictures was film cameras. The concept of developing films into prints seemed extremely back then. But in today’s digitized world, everything has become more prompt and advanced. Photography, which was considered a hobby, is now renowned as a successful profession.

9 of the most popular types of photography

• Landscape: This is the kind where photographers click pictures of scenery around them be it mountains, rivers or forests.

• Wildlife: This is the kind where primarily the focus is on animals and their natural habitat. Immense patience is imperative in this kind of photography

• Aerial: In this form where pictures are taken several meters above the ground preferably from planes or air balloons.

• Sports: Needless to say, in this form pictures are taken during any sports event to capture

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4 Reasons Why You Need A Good Tripod

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A tripod is one of the pieces of gear that differentiates a pro from an amateur. The tripod is usually perceived as cumbersome or additional work thus many beginners don’t bother with it. For you to appear like a professional, it’s paramount that you have a tripod. When getting the tripod, you should ensure that you get the best that you can. The benefits of getting a good tripod include:

Easy To Set Up

A good tripod is easy to set up-you don’t struggle putting things in order. The easy-to-set-up feature is of great importance when you are taking nature photos. The special moments don’t last for a long time; therefore, you need to be fast.

To make your work easy when setting the tripod, you should try out different designs when you are at the camera store. Here you should try to set up the different designs and settle on the one that is ideal for you.


The main function of a tripod is to keep your camera still; therefore, for your camera to be stable, you need a good tripod. When your camera is stable, the camera stops moving completely


Top 5 Tips For Flattering Photos

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Looking for tips to take better photos? Well you’ll find some of the most valuable ones here. These only cover the basics but we recommend that you invest in some photography books because they are more likely to give you more advice and show you the ropes. For now, start with the first tip and break the rules.

– Break the Rules

Rule of the thirds implies that the subject can be on the either of the frame but never in middle. Though it does make for a good pose there are no strict rules in photography. If you think that a photo will look good with the subject in middle then go for it. Let there be no boundaries to stop you from taking your perfect shot. You’ll be surprised to see that the most striking photos come from bending or breaking the rules.

– Eye contact

Have the subject make eye contact with the camera while holding the camera at their eye level. This simple trick can make the subject seem more alive and will get you an engaging photo. But there are other things you can try to make the shot


Basic Skills Required for Photography

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People of all ages from teenagers to senior citizens, enjoy photography. It’s a very ideal outlet that can be used extensively to unleash or express your creativity. Photography is a field that is forever changing because of the numerous opportunities for the photographers who want to work independently or else work as a staff photographer for any prominent employer. Whether there is specializing in weddings, photojournalism, portraits, sports or nature, it doesn’t matter as photographers are present almost everywhere. There are a few important skills that are essentially required to be a successful photographer. These skills are as follows.

Training and equipment skills

The most critical skills that is essentially required by any photographer is to take a fabulous or a beautiful photo. These skills involve knowing everything about the camera, developing an eye for choosing the right and appropriate angle and also understanding the lighting. You can attend workshops or any vocational training courses in order to understand and acquire this skill completely.

Editing skills

Digital photography has completely opened up a completely new world of artistic possibilities for the photographers. As a photographer you must acquire good skills for editing by practicing


10 Common Photography Mistakes

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Mistakes are usually an inevitable phase of learning. For many photographers, overcoming mistakes and ensuring high quality work is important. The following is a compilation of the 10 common photography mistakes and tips to help you resolve them. Correcting these mistakes will significantly enhance your photography skills.

1. Buying lots of photography gear simultaneously

This mistake of acquiring lots of new photography gear at once affects both seasoned photographers and beginners alike. However, new photographers generally think that buying the most new gear is going to make them the best photographers. Buying a new lens, flash or camera won’t make you better at this craft. Actually, the best photographers can easily capture great photos with just about any camera. What is more important is the creativity, technical knowledge and a keen eye for lighting that will transform you to a much better photographer. Obviously, this does not mean you should never buy new gear. Different gear is actually helpful in providing better resolution and more flexibility. Just remember to enhance your skills as the photographer using the gear.

2. Distorted horizon

You are in position capturing a breathtaking sunset with your latest camera. However,

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Learn More About Photography

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Photography can be defined as the art, science and practice of creating various durable images by recording the light and other types of electromagnetic radiation. This can be done either electronically by using an image sensor or it can be done chemically by using a very light sensitive material. An example of a light sensitive material is a photographic film. A lens is very commonly used to focus all the light that is emitted or reflected from the objects into a very real image or also a light sensitive surface that is present inside a camera.

Camera and its controls

Photography is typically done by using a good camera. There are many controls in a camera that are extremely useful in the long run. Some important controls are as below.


This is the position of an object that is viewed or also an adjustment of an optical device that is necessary in order to produce a very clear image. This can either be in focus or out of focus.


An aperture is an adjustment of the opening lens and it is measured by a number that is called the f-number.


How to Improve the Quality of Your Photos

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Are you satisfied with the photos you take and place, or would you like to know how to take better photos, and place them more effectively in your photo book? I like my photos to be more than just “pretty pictures.” I like them to speak, to say something significant about the subject. The message can be enhanced or missed because of a range of aesthetic elements. For instance, some objects go well together, adding to their completeness and aesthetics, and some don’t. The juxtaposition of objects in a photo and photos on a page can produce effective synergy, but the wrong combination can spoil the effectiveness of each individual photo. I have put together the following tips that address some of these elements, in the hope that they will help you to improve the quality of your photos and their placement.

First of all your photo will say something about the subject, but what is it you want to say or show in your photo? Archaeological photography for instance should include some tools, or part of the site, so that when someone looks at the photo they immediately think, “archaeology.” Care needs to be taken not


6 Tips to Take the Perfect Picture

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Everyone loves admiring at a stunning picture and is often amazed at the brilliance of the photographer. What most people fail to realize is that one day their pictures could hang in art galleries for others to admire. Photography is not that complicated as people make it out to be. Anyone who has access to a camera can become a photographer; whether it’s of professional level or not, that’s completely a new discussion after all.

So how do you take photos of professional quality?

• Think about the shot: Good photography isn’t about taking out your camera and clicking pictures randomly. You have to observe the subject first, which you are going to take pictures of. Visualize what you want to capture and then capture the image. This will give you an idea as to what lens to use, how much will be the shutter speed and what will be the focal length.

• Get the composition spot on: For achieving a truly stunning photograph, the composition should be perfect. You might have a great DSLR, but that’s not enough. In order to compose a photo, you have to decide the place from where you


Top 8 Requisites Every Photographer Must Adhere to

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In any walk of life, photography is an integral part of an individual’s lifestyle. Unlike a few decades ago, these days no event can be imagined without the presence of photographers because taking pictures at an event isn’t just a hobby anymore; it’s become a norm. Precisely for this reason, the quality of a photographer has really become important today.

Whatever event you are organizing, one of the first things that you ought to do is hire a professional photographer. Why? Because only photos will remind you of the glorious moments that you have lived through your life.

So once you are on the lookout for a professional to click your pictures, what are the qualities that you should look for in them?

• Great Portfolio: At the end of the day, work is all that matters. If the professional do not have a good portfolio of his previous work, they will lose a lot of credibility. Moreover, they should also have a positive client feedback.

• Additional effort: Anyone can click a picture but what professionals offer, amateurs cannot match. Professionals will always give that additional effort that is capable of making any

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Photography in the New Era

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The Digital Camera was once a modern means of taking photographs. And you could use a USB cable to upload them to your PC/laptop. But now in the new era, there is a cooler way to photograph oneself. You have probably guessed it. Read on to find out what I talk about.

Remembering to take the digital camera whenever you are going to a party, get-together, function or a picnic seemed like a hassle to me. With so much to think about and prepare for these occasions, the camera was the first thing that used to slip off my mind and in vain, all those beautiful and memorable moments could not be captured by me. Nevertheless some of these could be retrieved from somebody else’s camera.

But now in the modern age, you no longer need to carry a camera with you. Your cell phone has everything you need. Taking a selfie with your cell phone is very much popular nowadays. I find it convenient too because it is something I will never forget to take along with my accessories but even if I do, that will only happen in rare cases. It is a

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